Glandorf Parkfest Welcomes
Nashville Crush on Aug 30, 2014

The Glandorf Park Board welcomes Nashville Crush at the Glandorf Parkfest on Saturday, August 30, 2014 from 8:30 p.m. to Midnight in the Entertainment tent.

"I hate country music, but I LOVE NASHVILLE CRUSH"...... Seem like a strange statement? Well, it is one that is often heard when you come to a Nashville Crush show and one compliment the Crush boys never get tired of hearing.

These boys have succeeded where so many others have failed! Made up of some of the best musicians and vocalists around,

Nashville Crush presents a perfect balance of Country and Rock music. Mix that with their high energy, award winning stage show and you have something that pleases all ages of people from all backgrounds imaginable. For the past six years Nashville Crush has been performing at some of the biggest clubs, festivals and fairs in the Region and have made a name for themselves as one of the best live bands around.

Registration Now Open
for 2014 Turtle Trot

Register now for the 5K Turtle Trot Run and Little Turtle Fun Walk which will take place on Saturday,
August 30, 2014, at 10:00 am.

The race starts and finishes at the Glandorf Park in downtown Glandorf.

The course is 5K, flat, fast, and takes place all on roads. All runners/ walkers/ joggers are welcome.

For more information, please refer to the Turtle Trot Registration Form or contact Brendon and Stacy Hovest at 419.538.6282.

Have Fun and Maybe Win
at "Toss for a Treat"

The World Youth Day group is sponsoring a ￿Toss for a Treat￿ game that will take place 5:00 - 6:00 PM on the front church lawn at the Glandorf Park Fest on Saturday, August 30, 2014. Just toss a football into "Brutus" and WIN a cold treat (to redeem at the Sweet Shoppe tent). Three tosses for $1, only one winning coupon per set of 3 tosses.

Also, be sure to stop by the Sweet Shoppe tent for a cold milkshake or root beer float!

Concrete Parking Lot
The Glandorf Park Board would like to thank Tim & Jenn Duling of The Concrete Couple and Dale
Niese of Dale's Concrete for working together on this project to help the Park Board stay
within budget.

With a ramp added, the parking lot is now handicap accessible.

Recent and Future Park
Improvement Projects

Current projects that volunteers are working on or have been completed include:

  • Continued work at Deter's Park. New sign being installed and arhcitectural planning work will begin this year.

  • Running water and drain lines to the concession stand at Deter's Park.

  • Paving the parking lot on the East side of the park will start this year.

  • Maintenance work and sealing of Dragon Towers.

    Some future projects we are looking into are a new concession stand and restrooms by the ball diamonds in the main park, this is in the planning stages.

    We are always looking for people to help. Anyone interested in donating their time and talent, contact one of the park board members. You may also help set up on Thursday evening (a truly unbelievable feat), work at a booth, or clean up on Sat./Sun. mornings. It's a great way to meet new people in and around Glandorf.

    Jewel of park is Glandorf Village Effort
    Volunteers, Gifts keep Glandorf facility thriving

    Article published July 21, 2008 by the Toledo Blade

    GLANDORF, Ohio - It all started with a kettle of bean soup, hamburgers, and a few cold beers to wash it all down. Thirty-three years later, this Putnam County village has one of the nicest community parks around, funded in large part by an annual festival predicated on that first pot of soup.

    While the village owns the land and mows the grass each week, the ball diamonds, soccer fields, horseshoe pits, playground, mini golf course, shelter houses, rest rooms, shuffleboard courts, and the lush landscaping were paid for and continue to be maintained solely by volunteers and donations.

    "Everyone works together and it turns out one heckuva park," said Tom Nienberg, a member of the park board and manager of a local plumbing supply business.

    The park, busy with family reunions on weekends and ballgames most summer nights, is a source of pride for the village about 65 miles southwest of Toledo. Plaques naming donors and volunteers or dedicating trees or shelter houses to a loved one dot the 20 acres the park now covers.

    ￿We￿re actually running out of things to put people￿s names on,￿ Mr. Nienberg said.

    Bicentennial Park, as it was dubbed when its cobblestone arches were built in 1976, sits in the shadow of the towering St. John the Baptist Church.

    Glandorf Mayor Gene Warnecke said that when the Catholic parish decided to stop holding its annual social, some people had the idea of holding a summer festival both as a community event and a way to raise money to develop the park, which at the time was just one acre.

    ￿A group of people said, ￿Let￿s do it and give the money to the park. Let￿s make some bean soup and hamburgers and see who shows up.￿ There were some adult beverages too,￿ he said.

    That latter point should be no surprise for a very German town of 919 people that was founded by settlers from Glandorf, Germany.

    ￿That was 1975, and that was really the start of the first park festival,￿ Mr. Warnecke said.

    Today, people in neighboring towns look at Glandorf￿s sprawling, well-manicured park with envy.

    ￿I hear people say, ￿Why can￿t we have a park like that?￿ ￿ said Jeff Loehrke, community development director in neighboring Ottawa.

    Fact is, it takes a lot of people with a lot of dedication.

    Just ask Dr. Ron Black, a local chiropractor who helped launch the Glandorf Garden Club in 1988 to take care of the trees that were planted after the village had acquired more park land.

    About six volunteers showed up for the first meeting, Dr. Black said. Today, 40-some people count themselves as members, coming out from April to October to spread mulch, edge sidewalks, weed flower beds, and work on whatever project happens to be under way.

    The group relies largely on donated labor and materials from area contractors, the local Lions Club, the fi re department, Boy Scouts, and neighbors who just want to keep the park looking good.

    Dr. Black said at times the park has experienced vandalism, but it￿s found a unique way to deal with it. Whenever the culprits are caught, they are turned over to the garden club rather than the sheriff￿s office.

    ￿We make them like partners of the garden club, let them operate the equipment, show them how much time it takes to repair and maintain the park,￿ he said.

    ￿We have three kids who still help and they enjoy it even though they did the damage,￿ Dr. Black said.

    Right now, the garden club is working every Thursday evening to get the park in shape for the annual festival, which will be held the evening of Aug. 29 and all day Aug. 30.

    ￿It￿s always a busy place,￿ Mr. Warnecke said. ￿My wife and I walked through the other night and sat in the gazebo and just watched the activity. It makes you feel good to see the place being used.￿

    Notice Regarding Lost and
    Found Items at the Glandorf Park

    Since the majority of found property turned into the Glandorf Police Department is
    from the park, we are posting a link to possibly help facilitate the recovery of that
    property by the rightful owners.

    To contact the Glandorf Police Department,
    please click

    For comments and questions regarding the Glandorf Community Park itself,
    please feel free to e-mail the Glandorf Park Board.

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